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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  October 8, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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caught on tape. a sexist slur rocks california's governor's race. and they're on the internet before they can even talk. a shocking new study that says more than 90% of babies have a footprint online. joining the conversation today former virginia governor wilder, bob barr, white house economic adviser ronald goolsby, revened al sharpton. this is "jansing & company." with less than a month to go to the midterms, the labor department says 95,000 jobs were lost last month, that's the fourth straight month of total job lauss. now, even though 64,000 jobs were created in the private sector, the overall employment rate stayed the same. stubbornly high at 9.6%.
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here's a bottom line, literally, for lawmakers just weeks away from this election. this was a graph that was created by you see that line at the bottom. this represents the current job losses from the recent recession and these are the other recessions since world war ii. if you look at that, you can see just how far our economy has to go before we get back to where we were before it all came tumbling down. here are a couple of guys who know more than a little something about campaigning and doing it sometimes under difficult circumstances. doug wilder is virginia's former governor and mayor of richmond, bob barr former republican congressman fromming good fwg and the 2008 presidential candidate with the libertarian party. good morning, gentlemen, good to see you. >> good morning. governor, let me start with you because in a little more than an hour the president will be at a factory in maryland talking about jobs. you've watched him and he's been in strong campaign mode. this sunday, he'll do his first weekend of campaigning, but he's
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with these workers, less than two hours from now. given these job numbers, governor, what does he say? >> he needs to say as he always needed to have said that the most important thing in this nation today is to get our economy structure and to bring jobs back and to create jobs. i want to do that. i have tried to do the very best job i could. i might not have done all that i needed to do, but i need you to know that i'm committed to doing it and i will be doing it. and then he needs to lay out some specifics as to how those jobs are going to be created. >> it's got to be, it's got to be a specific list of what he's going to do. congressman, let me ask you, one of the things that you said and you wrote this is that you think republicans might win big in spite of themselves. i will read from the op-ed you wrote. a few knowledgeable americans could articulate anything
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resembling a public agenda, vision or leadership. they couldn't because there is no national gop vision, agenda or leadership. in terms of jobs, you just heard what governor wilder had to say. the president had to articulate specific ideas. are the republicans not doing that either? >> no, they're not. the benefit to the republicans they stand to benefit regardless of what they do or do not do. they are in the right place that right time and they don't have a d after their name. it's not because they really have an agenda to put forward. in terms of what the president can do, i'm not sure at this point there is really much that the president or his colleagues in the democratic party can do. a tsunami is coming. >> you don't think everything will move those numbers. one thing that democrats are looking at now is that he has been getting big and enthusiastic crowds when he was going out to colleges and so on. 26,000 university of wisconsin and 5,000 yesterday, do you help close that enthusiasm gap. >> he is not going to win this
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election by going to a few campuses. it is exciting to have a president, but those are theant people the who are going to vote in numbers to make a difference. is middle america out there? those are the people hurting and they are going to vote against most incumbents regardless of party and because the democrats are in charge, they'll suffer more than the republicans. >> if you can both stand by, we understand that there has been another shake up at the white house from a couple senior administration officials. they say general james jones is residing as president obama's security adviser. let's go to savannah guthrie at the white house for us. >> chris, good morning. this was long expected. national security adviser james jones is stepping down from that post and in his place, tom dawnline, currently the deputy national security adviser will get that top job. donilon was mentioned as a potential replacement to rahm
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emanuel but signaled to the president that he would rather not take that job in hopes of getting the national security job and he has. another shake up in the west wing. this national security team making some changes, but ones that were long expected. jones had something of a rocky tenure at the white house. he certainly sparred with the political side of the white house. some of the operatives that were left over from the campaign, so this was not unexpected. knew it would happen in the next couple months, but, indeed, is happening to take effect in a couple weeks. the president will make the announcement later today. chris? >> thanks very much, savannah. of course, it comes on the heels of a number of shakeups in the president's cabinet, including many of them, many of the advisors on the economic team and joining me now live from the white house is austin goolsby. thank you very much for being with us g morning. >> thank you for having me, chris. >> we just reported these job numbers. clearly, the job market is no where near where the white house had hoped it would be,
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especially with more than three weeks until election day. so, how does the white house advance the argument that the president's policies have improved the economy when you still got 9.6% unemployment and fourth straight month of net job losses and a rise in the real unemployment number. up almost 0.5% to 17.1%. >> well, wait, chris, i think you're being a little unfair. obviously, coloring the last four months of job loss has been that they were the four months that the census workers who were hired temporarily are losing their jobs at the census. this month that was about 80,000. >> more than a few people who would argue that that is part of the problem. part of the problem is that there was so much job creation by the government that can go on indefinitely. what we need to see is job creation by small business across america. >> let us agree and the president has agreed many times that what we want to see is private sector job growth. this is the ninth month in a row in which the report showed private sector job growth.
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this month, 6 5,000, bringing the total to more than 860,000 private sector jobs created this year. now, the president is the first to say it needs to be more. we need to do more to get the growth rate up and to get the hiring rate up. and he called for and we got in place after months of delay over the summer by the opposition a small business bill exactly to address small business as you describe. you see the president out today, outlining the small business lending to small hit states. outlining his infrastructure idea because small business and incentives for companies in the private sector to invest in the united states a national export initiative and extending the tax cuts on the first $250,000 of income for every one in america is a good package. >> i do appreciate that and those are some tangible things
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that the president is going to point to. but do you understand the skepticism of a lot of americans who said, look, you know, the stimulus plan was supposed to bring unemployment down to 8.5% and look at where we are now. i'm curious about why you think in the context of the president putting forth these new plans that you say are going to make things better, why didn't that work? did he get bad advise or were there miscal cushions made? were there miscalculations made by his advisors? since it didn't work the way you thought it would, are there things that you learned from that that are helping to advise how you're going forward? >> chris, again, a very misleading way to say it. as you say, the 8.5% number that you're citing, what everyone missed is the baseline of how deep the hole was as the president came into office. the congressional budget office, which is nonpartisan, and the private forecasters that have looked at the impact of the
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recovery act say that there are more than 3 million people at work now who would not have jobs if it did not exist. now, i think the fact that we start in the deepest hole in our lifetimes, deepest since 1929 does mean that it is a long road out and the president has said many times that the sustainable job creation has to come from the private sector and that we need to do more to get the growth rate higher. but after nine months of private sector job growth, compared with the 4 million jobs lost in the six months before the president took office, i think anybody would have to say that that's clearly the right trajectory, we just need to get the growth rate up. we certainly don't want to go back to the policies that got us into the minus $4 million. >> well, let me ask you about just a couple more things really quickly because i think that one of the most surprising moments
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that i've seen in a very long time is that the town hall meeting where the president was asked about is this the new normal? this high unemployment rate, where the economy is now by average americans. and former fed chairman paul volcker who chairs the president's economic recovery board is predicting prolonged unemployment and just yesterday at the world business forum, nobel prize winning economist joseph stigless warned much higher unemployment is our new normal. do you disagree with them? >> i disagree with the issue of new normal. i don't believe that we have undermined the innovative capacity or entrepreneurship of the american people at all. i think warren buffett has been most eloquent on this point saying we are going to get through this and we're going to win. i think in the short run every one knows we're in the deepest hole since 1929. the unemployment rate is very high. it's coming down. but it it needs to come down
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faster and at the growth rates while positive and heartening that we see now, the unemployment rate is going to come down in the official forecast at a rate that needs to be improved. so, that's why the president is outed advocating these targeted initiatives to try to help the private sector stand up. the private sector was in freefall. >> i just want to make sure i understand you. you disagree with joseph stigless very clearly, but does that mean that you agree with paul volcker who is predicting prolonged unemployment? >> there is an official forecast we put out. when we put it out in january or predicted that the average unemployment rate for 2010 would be 10%. it has come in below that. it shows, the official forecast shows the unemployment rate coming down steadily, but when you start from a base that is the worst in a very long time, there will be high unemployment
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until it comes down. >> austan goolsbee you spent a lot of time, thank you so much. >> nice to see you again. the president is going to address the job situation in about 90 minutes. you just got a little preview of that. he has some new ideas on how to create jobs through small businesses at a maryland factory. 11:40 eastern time and we'll bring it to you live. those new unemployment numbers do mean 15 million people are out of work and millions more, if you factor in people who have taken part-time work or just given up the job hunt. personal finance expert joins me now to explain what these numbers mean for you if you're looking for a job or, obviously, we all want to make sure we keep our jobs. look, all of us know somebody who is out of work or has been out of work and is worried about their jobs. i saw this number that was particularly discouraging for every available job, there are almost five people who are looking. so, how can someone maximize their hirability?
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>> look, aside from these numbers, these ugly numbers that we got today. a more relevant story for the unemployed americans out there. that is the landscape, the in a infrastructure has changed. companies have learned to be lean and mean and they're not going to necessarily replace your job. if you're spending time trying to replace that desk job that you had at company x, i think that's time wasted. you need to look at maybe bringing in extra revenue streams and contemporary jobs maybe. >> you call it being a gig miester. >> i got laid off in 2009 from a full-time, nice job. luckily i had been freelancing on the side, but that freelancing, i found, could really become my new career path. for a lot of americans, that is where they are finding peace and harmony in this very frightening job market. 22%, 23% growth in the overall job market. >> let me ask you about that. we, obviously, are coming on to the holiday season and hiring
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that will be done, especially in retail. is there a way to use that to get in the door if not maybe to go to work long term in retail and maybe get a part-time job that can meet someone to hire. >> that is the best-case scenario. the best way to find a job is to have a job and this is your way to do that. companies like best buy, sears, macy's, toys "r" us, go to these places. they're hiring big time for the holidays. >> all right, personal finance expert, it's always great to see you. thanks for coming in. >> you, too. i know you have been waiting for it, hot on the heels of christine o'donnell's i am not a witch ad, she has another one. same outfit, same theme. >> i didn't go to yale. i didn't inherit millions like my opponent. i'm you. i know how tough it is to make and keep a dollar. when someone tried to push me from this race, they saw what i was made of. >> chris coons leading o'donnell
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by 19 points, but it was taken before the ads came out, so, the jury is still out about whether they're effective. jerry brown calls billionaire rival meg whitman a nasty and sexist name and it's all caught on tape. pretty much the only major group where president obama is still very popular is in the black community. can he get those key supporters to the polls 26 days from now? and what if prince harry was kidnapped while serving in afghanistan? it's a new docudrama and it has it's a new docudrama and it has the brits in a tizzy. oh no, no! i just parked here aond ago! give me a brk, will you? (announcer dr. scholl's masg gel soles with t different gels for softness and support... ...are outrageously comfortable. ...on second thought, i think i'll walk... (announcer) are u gellin'? dr. scholl in 2008 i quit venture capital to follow my passion for food. i saw a gap in the market for a fresh culinary brand and launched we create and broadcast content
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whoever ends up taking over for arnold in california will walk into a financial tsunami. this is day 100 without a budget
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in place in california. politicians can't get it together, even though the state has the third highest unemployment in the nation and a $19 billion budget gap. but with such serious problems to tackle, the race for governor is now a fight over sexist slurs and housekeepers. democrat jerry brown is taking heat over a conversation caught on tape where an aide called republican meg whitman a bad word that rhymes with snore. >> do we want to put an ad out? they'll go because they know whitman will give them, will cut them a deal. >> let's bring back former governor doug wilder and congressman bob barr.
10:20 am
as i sat in our morning meeting and sort of gauging the women, some women extraordinarily offended by this and it is an offensive term. others were saying, you know, we all have said words we wish had not been heard. that we wish we could take back. it won't affect the race going forward. do you think it will? >> it probably will, but that's a sad commentary on the state of politics. here you have the state, as you said, with a huge unemployment and a multi-billion dollar deficit that can't get a budget through and people are arguing and governor's race may turn on whether or not the republican candidate's husband informed her that there might have had forged papers years ago or some idiotic off the record comment that jerry brown makes. this is more commentary on the level to which politics have sunken this country, if anything else. >> this is just sort of a status
10:21 am
check on where we are. this was a situation where the governor meant to hang up the phone, didn't hang up the phone. so, a conversation was reported. are we at a point where you absolutely just have to be the alter boy every minute of every day or chances are you might get stung? >> well, you're on record all the time. i agree, pardon me. i agree with bob barr that it will perhaps have some effect. it shouldn't. and referencing what we talked about earlier, money is always key in politics. unfortunately, some people take their eyes off of that. that's why, that's the issue in california and that's the issue in america. the president ought to explain it, one, that i am going to cut spending as best i can. let the democrats know i can cut, too. i'm not interested in raising
10:22 am
taxes. do the jobs and create some jobs. >> the word from two gentlemany politicians. doug wilder, bob barr, thanks to both of you. it's hypothetical that no one in the royal family wants to think about. what if prince harry was taken hostage while serving in afghanistan. they're rallying like it's 2008. the president and vice president are fighting to get americans to the polls. can they recapture the magic? client comes in and they have a box. and inside that box is their financial life. people wake up and realize i better start doing something. we open up that box. we organize it. and we make decisions. we really are here to help you. they look back and think, "wow. i never thought i could do this." but we've actually done it. [ male announcer ] visit and put a confident retirement more within reach. ♪ now the healing power of touch just got more powerful.
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from the time all of us heard that prie harry was going to afghanistan the worrying started. would he be safe? would he be a target? now a tasteless new docudrama is giving brits a look at what would happen if prince harry was captured by the taliban in afghanistan. michelle is in london and, michelle, what are they saying over there? >> there is this big debate. a docudrama, hasn't even aired
10:26 am
yet but roiled up this controversy in a debate over whether this is an interesting topic that people want to hear about or whether it's just in really, really bad taste. what would it look like if prince harry were taken prisoner by insurgents in afghanistan? well, how about this. according to a new documentary, the taking of prince harry, that will air this month, aiming to show how britain would handle such a thing. for now, though, it's the program itself that some are finding pretty awful. >> yes, of course, it's in poor taste. a lot of people are being killed in these hostage situations. >> reporter: the docudrama emphasis on the drama will show 26-year-old army pilot harry captured, forced to appear in taliban propaganda and in a mock execution, in which an unloaded gun is pointed at his face and one of the captors pull the trigger. >> we have the sort of -- >> reporter: retired army commander spoke out this morning
10:27 am
on a british talk show. >> i brought a hostage out. i tell you what they feel like, absolutely terrified. absolutely, completely terrified. i just don't like it being put into some drama documentary, which actually appeals just to get the television ratings up. >> reporter: the program will also mention the young prince's nickname bullet magnet. during the months of 2008 when he did serve on the front lines of afghanistan. when it became public he was rushed home out of serious security concerns. harry always wanted to return. >> i want to go out very, very soon. >> reporter: now, even some royal watchers say what is the big deal of a work of fiction on an interesting topic? >> at the time when harry was in afghanistan, the taliban were very vocal and al qaeda were vocal in what they said, that he was the number one target and he was someone they would love to capture and torture and make an example of the queen's grandson. this is a piece of drama and i
10:28 am
think it should be taken as such. >> those who are experts in this sort of thing say because of the security situation, there's really no chance that prince harry would be deployed back to afghanistan. here at home, he has had his security detail increase because of these recent terror alerts throughout europe. chris? >> thank you, michelle. president obama is drawing huge crowds at rallies around the country. could all this talk about an enthusiasm gap hurting democrats be wrong? reverend al sharpton will be here to talk about how the president recaptures the 2008 magic, especially with his strongest supporters, black voters. we all awed over our friend's baby photos online. but you will not believe just how many children have an online footprint by age 2. [ animals calling ] ♪ [ pop ]
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msnbc. the mexican government has stepped up searches for dave ahartley. officials have reached out to the powerful drug cartel saying the family simply wants david's body returned. here's your first look at the supreme court class photo for this term. it is the first photograph to feature three female justices. ten people were hurt in a california roller coaster accident that happened inside the boarding station. two coaster trains collided where knott's berry farm guests actually exit the ride. john lennon's fingerprints valued at $100,000 taken by the fbi. and charlie crist was smart to pick politics. baseball would have been a bad call. first pitch at the rangers/rays
10:33 am
playoff game. st. petersburg, just a bit outside. it's beginning to feel a lot like 2008 on the campaign trail. >> they said, no, you can't. >> yes, you can. >> i'm sorry, what did you say? >> yes, you can. >> the president and vice president biden are hitting the road with a purpose. getting the democratic base and young voters back to the polls november 2nd. richard lui is here with a look ahead and both got really busy schedules coming up. >> looking like 2008, they're probably hoping it does become like 2008 in terms of voters this year around and what they're trying not to do here, chris, they know they cannot change the voter culture in the next three and a half weeks. it is what it is. what they're going to be doing is they're going to be go for the low-hanging fruit. young voters and african-americans. the voters that got president obama into office in 2008. and could do it again.
10:34 am
now, just yesterday obama wanted to remind supporters to stick with him. >> don't make me look bad now. i mean, i'm betting on you. >> you know, what he's saying there is, you got me here. you want me to get more done, let's get this done together to his supporters and at that rally, in fact, an african-american who attended the president's inauguration, she told the "washington post," i want to continually support obama. i think it's important we stick with him in good times and bad times." that's what she had said. as he does hit the road here, chris, he wants to hear more of that. and today the president tours a maryland factory and he then talks economy and, of course, today's job's report that you were talking about earlier in the show and on sunday he heads to philadelphia where he holds a rally for his moving america forward tour which helped him register young voters in 2008. he cannot do it all. air force two has been scouring
10:35 am
the country as political notes here, you know, vice president biden is going where the president cannot. just look at those numbers there. in three weeks he's campaigned for 18 candidates. in 23 cities, in 16 states. that's a lot of frequent flier miles and at places that are certainly unfriendly like certain territories or there are some problematic races where the president may not get involved at all. as well, chris, as to local races where it will be just too expense frv the president to go. a very expensive schedule for both and, of course, each concentrating on their strengths along the way. >> trying to get people fired. he said it, we know it, he can't change the economy overnight, but he could have an impact on voter turnout, especially among his biggest supporters. polling shows the president still has a 91% approval rating among african-americans. a gallup poll published last month shows just 25% of black voters are thinking about the midterms compared to 4 2% of white voters. let's bring in the reverend al
10:36 am
sharpton and president of the national action network. good to see you, reverend. >> good to be here. >> how does he do that? we know that african-americans still love the president, but they're not thinking in terms of getting out to the polls in numbers as large as many other groups of voters have been thinking about it. so, how can he change that dynamic? >> i think the way the president and the dnc change it is to talk about this process that we started in '08 with the new president, with a new vision, not just for african-americans, but all americans. but including our interests because we are disproportionately impacted. we can't do it with one vote. this is not like going to a cafeteria where you pay up front and you pay once and you go down and get whatever you want. this is a process you have to continue to be involved in and i think we're beginning to hear that message. the radios, the churches, the social groups are beginning to do it. i spoke last night in atlanta,
10:37 am
georgia, at morehouse college and those young people were fired up because they're beginning to understand that you can't vote one time. you've got to vote in the mid-term and you have to have the senate and the congress to help push the things through that all americans want. >> were they fired up because i've seen you in those situations, you're a speaker who gets people fired up or were they fired up to go to the polls? >> i hope i helped them to do both. i think that, clearly, the fact that it was a packed house tells me there's an interest there. i think that those of us who are going out there, whether it is with the dnc or whether independently with groups like national action network that are nonpartisan, we're saying we have to come out and vote. whatever you're going to do with your vote, you have to vote. clearly, the democratic party has got to say you've got to come out and give us, keep us in the majority if we're going to get health care and get the reforms you want and if we're going to deal with jobs. >> give us your best estimate of those 91% of black voters who
10:38 am
still support the president, what percentage are we going to see go to the polls november 2nd? >> i think we would see 60%. that's high, but that's my hope. i think right now we're lower than that, but these last three weeks, you know, sometimes in home stretches where the miracles happen and i think we can see the republican party face the surprise by not picking up everything they think they will. if the people come out, not just blacks, but the people who really want to see this country keep going in the right direction. >> speaking in miracles like a true reverend. thanks for coming in. lou dobbs taking a hard line against illegal immigrants and the people who employ them, but now a new article in "the nation" suggest several undocumented workers helped care for his estate in florida. dobbs responded to the article's author last night on "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." >> i would say that that is categorically wrong. it fails logically and straight forward causality. the only person that would be
10:39 am
illegal in any context would have been a landscaper who was working for the contractor working on my house in florida. that may have happened. but that isn't my employee or the is the reason i would have contracted with that landscaper. to suggest that i hired the person that was illegal, if, indeed, she can document that there was someone illegal. maybe there's some fine point there that you would like to straighten out for me, i'm telling it point blank. i've never done so. >> you can catch the last word with lawrence o'donnell monday through thursday at o10:00 p.m. right here on msnbc. 90% of americans believe in some kind of god. an interesting look at four different types of god and how faith influences votes. check out this cool shot. washington, d.c., the u.s. capitol dome is under construction. a project to restore the cracked iron work and repaint the dome for the first time since 2002.
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now, here's something you probably haven't heard about this election season. a growing body of research that our faith or lack of it influences our view of issues and those views, of course, can shape the way we vote. one new book looks at four categories of belief, which is your view of god? an authoritative god which divides the world between good and evil and a benevolent god, 22% of us think our god is benevolent he supports and cares for us and the critical god may be hard on you in this world but will deliver justice in the next and then the distant god, this is the dominant believe among jews and it emphasizes personal responsibility. all interesting stuff, but does it consciously or unconsciously influence whether we vote or for
10:44 am
whom? david campbell is co-author of "american grace" and rabbi jamie corngold. professor, let me start with you since this is the title of your book. how does religion unite and divide us? >> the important thing to keep in mind is that we put the word divide and unite in our title for a reason and, as you mention, in politics, religion does serve to divide americans over the last generation or so. we've seen a growth in what is sometimes called the god gap where people are more religious or more likely to vote on the right for republican party or republican candidates and people less religious less likely to vote for republicans. there are exceptions. they actually vote more on the left than on the right, but that's only one-half of the story of religion in america because while it's easy to see
10:45 am
the division when we look at the headlines ent s in the papers, unity that religion brings comes in our personal relationships and one thing that we emphasize in american grace is the growing intermingling among people of different religions and our families and our neighborhood. >> i'm wondering, rabbi, there is intermingling as the professor put it, but also, you know, you have a lot more intermarriages, you have a lot of people who are parts of faith groups that we didn't really have much of say house churches, you know in decade's past. how is all this influencing the public debate, do you think? >> well, one thing that i really appreciate about this study is that i feel like the conversation in america about religion has really been between the people that believe in that authoritarian god that comes down here and rewards or punishes us or even a god, the
10:46 am
critical god that rewards us in the afterlife. what this study brings out is that one in four americans believe in a god, but not a god of agency, not a god of action. we don't believe that god can come in here and inconvenient our lives. >> he's not going to fix the deficit. >> he's not going to fix the deficit. what that does, that gives us a lot of personal responsibility. we have to be the ones that step up to the plate and fix the deficit. so, one of my favorite stories is after the earthquake in haiti there was a christian missionary that was doing great work down in haiti and he was trapped for several days and he was finally rescued from the rubble and they said to him, they said, why were you rescued? he said, i prayed and i prayed and i prayed and god rescued me because my work wasn't finished. and i thought, i wish the journalist had said to him, what about your friend? the missionary you went there with who was ten feet away from you and died? his prayers weren't good enough?
10:47 am
my response to the earthquake isn't, it doesn't have anything to do with god. god isn't punishing us, god isn't rewarding us. what i take from it is that i have to work for better building codes so that buildings don't collapse when there is an earthquake. so, when i vote, i vote for personal responsibility and for taking care of people who are vulnerable and can't take care of themselves because that's my responsibility. >> well, you both wrote fascinating books. i love the chapter titles in your book, rabbi, including when the world was flat god had it easy. great stuff in both, as well as this overreaching article. thanks to both of you. >> thank you. baby's first web page, however, you won't believe the online footprint our children have before they're 2 years old. [ male announcer ] the vanilla caramel latte
10:48 am
from maxwell house international café. the 60 calorie way to stop your world. may not be getting the nutrition they need to keep their bodies strong. carnation instant breakfast essentials supplies the nutrients of a balanced breakfast to help build strong muscles and healthy bones. carnation instant breakfast essentials. good nutrition from the start.
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forget scrapbooking. if the next generation wants to see their baby picture they're going to have to google it. photos, e-mail accounts. a new survey out shows 81% of kids worldwide have an online footprint by the time they're 2 years old. on average, they get it at 6 months. the number is even higher here in the u.s., no surprise there. the average age we said 6 months but some kids go digital before because the invitro pictures are put up there online. also with us psychologist and nbc contributor jeff gardier. jeff, look, i have a lot of family in other parts of the country. i love going online and looking at these pictures. should we make sure we have security protections? what do you think about a kid having a footprint that young? >> the bottom line is, this is where we are in our history and as we're seeing, they're going
10:52 am
even younger than 6 months. in vitro, as you said. the bottom line is, the computer age is here to stay. and we are going to have kids doing this. we're going to have the mothers putting the kids on and, look, the thing is we need to be careful as parents that by creating that footprint these pictures and the information is not used against these kids as they get older or when they become adults. >> used against them where they just get mad at you because someone was able to google them. i was surprised, there is this new prototype device being put out by fisher-price. it essentially hooks a baby's toy up to a twitter account so grandma and grandpa in florida have the twitter and then the baby shakes the rattle and they know the baby is shaking the rattle. where are we going with all these technologies? >> we need to be careful. i agree with jeff's point, we have to be careful. the internet connects people across the world and it is a
10:53 am
fabulous source of social support. and we find that the internet can be just as useful as day-to-day normal connections in terms of helpal people cope with breast cancer and heart disease and depression and so it's a really valuable resource and i would hate that we would get overcautious and lose that. at the same time, i say we have to be careful. >> let me ask you about something i saw last night, i'm at dinner and i think, of course, that i'm fascinating but the person i was having dinner with kept looking to the side. there there was a kid, i think she might have been 3. there was an ipad set up, you know the way they are. there was a game on there. she is flying through this thing, but more than that, what i really noticed besides how in depth she was, she was laser focused. sirens are going by, food is being served. that child for the hour and a half that i was there, i don't think took her eyes off the
10:54 am
computer screen. that's family time. >> it also helps. >> her parents seem to be having a lovely dinner, by the way. >> let's look at the cognitive skills that are being developed much quicker. they can multi-task. >> i'm sure the 3-year-old is way ahead of me. >> they're treating kids now with adhd with these games on the ipad. so, really, a side effect of all of this and where we should be cautious with mothers putting a lot of private information on the net about their kids, about the family is that now we see that the parents are much more acclimated to the internet and it becomes a group activity with the kids and, therefore, in the future, they're able to monitor what it is thalt their kids are doing, understand what their kids are doing on the internet. all the way around -- >> family time as much as a baby-sitter. >> other than the privacy issue, it's a win-win. >> we think we need to be careful because you look at the internet and it can make you into an overnight pop sensation. look at susan boyle. at the same time, we look at the
10:55 am
recent suicide of the college student because the sex was portrayed on the internet. it can really make or break you. the other thing i want to talk about, adhd, there is clinical use for the internet but at the same time people can developddie to be careful of. latest job numbers are out, not good for the economy or for the president. next hour, we will hear, though, from the president on his economic and message for the country. plus, a battle for nevada. nasty new ad campaign and it shows just how heated that race is getting as senate majority leader harry reid fights to keep his seat. bristol palin firing back at her ex, levi johnston. ♪
10:56 am
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♪ where'd you learn to do that so well. ♪ ♪ where'd you learn to do that so well. ♪ the new cadillac srx. the cadillac of crossovers. cadillac. the new standard of the world. this hour, the president
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prepares to defend his economic agenda, as we get the last job's report before the midterm elections. >> the democrats had better win. the democrats are out there protecting wall street, the millionaires and billionaires and that's what they've done and that's what they're doing right now. >> if democrats want a final message before november, they might want to listen to this man. we'll ask burnie sanders what needs to happen to stop a gop tsunami. security in afghanistan. some contractors hired to guard u.s. troops actually have ties to the taliban. and closing the marriage gap. college educated men and women are more likely to get married, but they may be waiting longer to say i do. good morning, i'm chris jansing, this is "jansing & company." why the w word is stirring controversy in one important state. joining us along with bernie


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